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Chapter 125 Internet Celebrity

  • Wang Wanxiang raised her eyebrows at Su Kun. But proud Su Kun did not say anything, so she gave him a pointed look and started speaking.
  • "Yunyun, you know that the family winery hasn't been doing well in the past few years. More recently, money has been quite tight…"
  • The Su Winery used a brewing recipe passed down the generations. Business used to be good, and the Su family had always been a large family.
  • When Su Ruoyun was young, they were still quite wealthy.
  • They had even moved from the country into a villa in the city, joining the ranks of the rich, and garnering the envy of many.
  • However, in recent years, competition had become too fierce. Foreign alcohol was slowly dominating the market, and local brands were being crowded out. There was less business for Su Winery.
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