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Chapter 593 Didn’t Actually Love Him That Much

  • “As the saying goes, those who are involved cannot see the big picture clearly, but those who aren’t can. You always see yourself as the person who loves him the most, so you never recognize the love others give to him.” Su Luoli tidied up a corner of the sofa and sat on it. “I can see that you don’t know much about the two of us. At first, I really wanted to have a child, but it was because I didn’t know about his true identity. After he told me the truth, we decided not to have a child. However, he realized that he couldn’t provide me with a normal life afterward, so he left, even lying to me that he died.”
  • Xiao Moran didn’t know about any of this.
  • “It was at that time that I found out I was pregnant with his child. The pregnancy was an accident. Everyone advised me to have an abortion, but I refused. This was our child and I thought he was already dead, so I saw the baby as a gift from heaven. Who cared if he was a monster? Both of our blood runs in his veins.” She continued, “After finding out that he wasn’t actually dead, I decided to go look for him at Aye Valley. I was pregnant for a month before I went there, and when I reached the place, I was already three months pregnant.”
  • “Are you kidding me? Are you saying you went all the way to Aye Valley while pregnant? Do you think I don’t know what kind of a place Aye Valley is?” Xiao Moran sneered as she had heard of Aye Valley from Ye Bin.
  • “Why do I have to lie to you? I really was pregnant when I went there. The journey was harsh and my seasick on the boat was killing me, but whenever the thought of finally meeting with him came to mind, I gained the will to live. It didn’t even feel like I was pregnant when going to Aye Valley. Afterward, I even went into the forest with him while carrying a four-month-old child in my belly to break the seal.”
  • Xiao Moran was filled with jealousy when she heard that Su Luoli went along with Wen Qingmu to break his seal.
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