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Chapter 586 I Won’t Let Anyone Get Away With It

  • In Moran’s Memory Lane Cafe, Xiao Moran was seated in the VIP room of the cafe, holding a mirror to check on her looks while touching up her face.
  • This cafe was owned by her. In the last two years after Xiao Moran left Star King International, she turned around to start up her own studio, Moran’s Memory Lane Studio, then she continued on opening new ventures from cafes to craft shops, which were all named Moran’s Memory Lane. Her career was going well at the time as she managed to earn a lot and even changed her reputation for the better.
  • When she was abruptly asked by Wen Qingmu to meet up, she was extremely flattered as she had been waiting too long for this day to come. Previously, she had purposefully distanced herself from Wen Qingmu because she believed that he would one day grow tired of Su Luoli, especially after giving birth to his child. As the saying goes, the real problem of marriage comes after the birth of the child.
  • “Miss Xiao, Mr. Wen is here!” the waiter outside shouted.
  • Xiao Moran stood up instantly and took a last look at herself in the mirror while sorting out her clothing. When Wen Qingmu stepped into the room, she was already calmly seated on the sofa whilst conducting an indifferent look on her face. “Qingmu, you’re here.”
  • Wen Qingmu’s face was detached from any emotions, sending out a cold feeling which wasn’t any different from what she remembered of him.
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