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Chapter 481 Please Don’t Hurt My Child

  • “Mrs. Wen, I heard that the monk master of the temple on this hill is very efficacious. Would you like to hike up to get his blessings? Today is the first day of the lunar month—it is a good day to pray.”
  • Upon hearing this, Lihua immediately replied, “Let’s not do that. Mrs. Wen, you are already seven months pregnant. It would be inconvenient to go up the hill.”
  • “The way up the hill is just fine—it’s not that far, and it only takes ten minutes. It’s quite close from here.”
  • “Oh, that’s just fine. I can pray for the baby inside me,” Su Luoli said while stroking her protruded belly.
  • “Mrs. Wen!” Of course, Lihua wanted to stop Su Luoli.
  • “Lihua, since we are out, let’s have a good time. We probably won’t have this opportunity in the future. Let’s go, Weiran.” Su Luoli headed forward happily, leaving Lihua no choice but to follow.
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