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Chapter 473 Su Luoli’s Terms of Endearment

  • “Nonsense! It goes without saying that she’ll never give me the cold shoulder! In her eyes, I’m always her one and only Prince Charming!” Wen Qingmu’s aura was quite intimidating.
  • “In that case, what are you worried about?”
  • “I’m not worried at all! Can’t you see that I’m just too busy? Are you blind or something?! If you’re done speaking, then get lost from my sight immediately!” Wen Qingmu chased him out.
  • Jian Yu smirked and sighed before he left.
  • After three months of traveling, Su Luoli finally returned home. Everything was going well. Su Luoli was content, and coupled with Mrs. Fang’s soup’s nourishing effects, her complexion returned to its previous state in no time.
  • The only thing was that the size of her belly seemed to remain the same. It might be because she hadn’t been taking proper care of her body for the past few months.
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