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Chapter 427 I’m Surprised to See You in This State

  • Extremely nervous, everyone’s heart was pounding fast.
  • Even Su Ruoyun did not leave the event after she finished presenting the previous awards as she wanted to witness whether Su Luoli would really be the lucky one!
  • It went without saying that Su Luoli was nervous for the outcome because it was more than just an award to her; it was also the key to the fate of her marriage.
  • On top of that, she had even prepared a winner’s speech.
  • She was also ready to make the public announcement onstage about the fact that she was already married and that she would be having a wedding ceremony.
  • In comparison to Su Luoli, Xiao Moran appeared to be much more at ease. She knew there was nearly no hope for her in getting the award but she still secretly hoped for a miracle.
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