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Chapter 417 You Don’t Have to Wear It

  • Su Luoli made a table full of delicious dishes for Wen Qingmu for dinner and Wen Qingmu went home early that day. After the both of them finished dinner, Wen Qingmu urged Su Luoli to head to their bedroom.
  • “What are you doing? I still want to watch TV!”
  • “Which is more interesting? Me or the TV?”
  • Su Luoli burst into laughter and poked Wen Qingmu’s forehead. “Your jealousy skills just reached a whole new level. I can’t believe you are jealous of the TV! I think I’ll just continue to watch TV and make you die of jealousy!”
  • However, Wen Qingmu directly carried Su Luoli in his arms and said, “Well then, I’ll have to cherish your body before I die!”
  • Wen Qingmu then smiled devilishly as he carried Su Luoli into the bathroom.
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