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Chapter 96

  • Chapter Ninety Five
  • Alex took to his heel and run inside first, Lilian as well run in after him, Agent Black on his own also run in after the couple. They can see four people in four different action, Mi Ho is acting weird looking at empty seat like her whole life depends on it, Alexis as well is just look at the drama going on with Jacob and Tommy, Jacob is going crazy, and Tommy is about giving up the ghost from choking.
  • Alex, Agent Black and Lilian are all also shock and are looking too. Agent Black come in and rush towards Jacob, he hold his hand and try to pry it open.
  • "Jacob stop, you will kill him." Agent Black said in a matter of urgency.
  • "What importance is him in the first place?” Jacob growling continues. “He can't even get his information accurately." Jacob said still holding Tommy neck.
  • "Jacob, everybody make mistake sometimes. Even you also make mistakes too. We are are not perfect." Agent Black said still trying to loss Jacob grip, but Jake was past caring, his hold is very firm that Agent Black can’t even bulge him.
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