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Chapter 39

  • Chapter Thirty Nine
  • Half an hour later, Jacob stop the car at where he park the speed boat, he ask everyone to alight the car, they all complied without much persuasion, Jacob produce a grenade, he pull the pin and throw it in the car fuel tank, the car go up in flames and burn to wreck.
  • Jacob asked everyone to board the speedboat, without hesitation they all did and Jacob drive away heading back to Tahit Village. After some minute, Jacob atop the boat, and hide it again, he come back to where Alex and the girls are standing.
  • Jacob drop the bag he had at his back, he bring out four different guns (oh I forget to say, he had previously park the gun from the fight scene), he give to the girls theirs first, then the same gun he give to Alex at first, he return it back to him, Jacob stand a distance of about 5m from them, he voice out,
  • "Now guys you just kill a man who want to kill you." he said still smiling, but under the smile is a killing intuition.
  • Jacob remove the sniper riffle strap to his back, he aim it at Alex and the girls, he continue
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