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Chapter 67

  • Chapter Sixty Seven
  • Children are every place, Church bell were ring, breezes are blowing and adorning all the Flowers around, and the Ocean around are roaring with all their might, it is so obvious cause it is a Wedding day, it is Wedding day of Jacob and Mi Ho, they day both are join together in holy matrimony.
  • Jacob was in a Black Tuxedo, he had a red tie on his neck, his shoes is also black in colour, Alex his best man also was dress exactly just like him, they are both sited already in the church and was awaiting the bride to come in. Jacob was never happy in his entire life than today, he was just sorrowful that neither of his parent is alive to grace such a huge occasion in his life, the day he find his own loyal Wife, who will love him, just like Mary love Johnson.
  • The rest of Jacob men are also sited, Zhang is sited at his right place, the old man decide to go traditional this time around, he was in complete Chinese Traditional attire, Lillian was also sited beside him, he was in a pink flowing Gown, Tommy on his own was in his Captain dress, they all are sited in the church with the rest of the congregation all awaiting the entrance of the bride, almost half of Tahit Village are also in the church as well.
  • Suddenly the choir raise up their voice and begin to sing in a melodious song, the choir voices as well was sweet as Lark, so soothing and refreshing
  • Children are on the walk way,
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