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Chapter 58

  • Chapter Fifty Eight
  • Morning fall on the land of Tahit Village, the sun shine and the whole land is lighten by the rays from the Sun, the people in Tahit village all rises, and they pick up their various instrument, they begin their daily work.
  • Jacob and Mi Ho woke up late than before, Mi Ho was the first to open her eyes, memory of last night play on her head, and she begin to smile to herself unnecessarily, not that she did anything beyond the boundary with Jacob, but last night intimacy make her so happy that she is glowing.
  • Jacob also wake up, he share a kiss with Mi Ho, and they both begin to dress up for farming, after some minute for dressing up, they are all ready for the day job, they both head out to the stable and lose the horse. Jacob tie it to the carriage and they both ride out on the carriage heading to the farm, on the way Alex, Alexis and Lillian also join them.
  • Meanwhile Jane and Spider are also ready for movement, they board their car and drive first to Luke house; he is also ready for them as well. Luke was dress up in white jacket and white trouser, he also wear a white booth as well, actually Luke dress like a hit man, but he was not near been an hit man.
  • Jane, Spider and Luke including Spider men all enter the car, and they drive away heading to Tahit River, some minutes later they all drop and board a ferry, luckily for them their number is as much as thirty, they all are enough for a round, the ferry drive away, and in some minute, the ferry stop at the other side of Tahit River.
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