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Chapter 93

  • Chapter Ninety Two
  • Mi Ho force Jacob to look at her own eyes, she can only sees a lonely man, even though he had everything, he still feels lonely. Mi Ho continues.
  • "Thus Jacob. I believe you and I know you will do the right thing to save the day, those fools think they have cage you, but a Tiger can never be cages nor tamed. Thus I will say this.” Mi Ho said and swallows her saliva. “Counter is the best weapon to use for an enemy whose attack is greater than your defense." Mi Ho said
  • "Hmmm.” Jacob nods his head first. “Now I know what to do.”
  • "Then come to bed, I need my husband beside me." Mi Ho said and she walks away.
  • Jacob nod his head, he also stands up and follows after Mi Ho, both head back to the bedroom, but first Jacob make a call to Alex, he tells him to see him in the morning, after the call, Jacob finally rest his head on the bed, then he sleep off.
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