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Chapter 62

  • Chapter Sixty Two
  • After confirming and making sure that Jacob is dead for real this time, even after Lillian left, Spider ask his men to go down and confirm, the men did as told and they find way down the hill, they ensure to verify and see that the head was really smash, the men even cut the head away from the body
  • When all is done, Jane and Spider together their men head back home, they were so glad to verify that Jacob and Mary are both dead, and that means one thing, the seat for the Lord for the Drug Dealers is now so secure for Luke, so they can't wait to give him the good news.
  • After some hours of driving they finally got to Luke mansion, the gangs stay outside, Jane and Spider go inside, they met Luke in the sitting room, he had a bottle of wine on the table beside him, this had become Luke habit since knowing that Jacob is alive
  • But today, he was not drinking alone, he also had a briefcase full of cash and he was counting it, there is also an handgun beside him, both Jane and Spider enter and sit opposite him, Luke look over at Jane and Spider, he continue to count his cash
  • "So give me news" Luke said, he was still counting his money and also drinking at interval
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