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Chapter 45

  • Chapter Forty Five
  • The same time Alex was around dress as well, Jacob check this wristwatch and the times reads 4:00pm, Jacob looks up,
  • "Now it's time" he said.
  • "Let's roll" Alex said shaking his head.
  • Alex lead the way, Jacob and the girls follow after Alex, with the girls all over Jacob acting as his girlfriends, they got into the corridor and everybody who seems to be seeing Monsieur Laimi for the first time, they all begin to bow to great him.
  • Jacob now dress exactly like Monsieur Laimi, he had a very big belly just like Frenchman, a large robust cheek, and also he had a turban over his head, funny enough he use a mask just exactly like Monsieur Laimi, the one difference is that Jacob head and Monsieur Laimi head are different, all the same you have to look closely to identify that he is an imposter.
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