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Chapter 107

  • Chapter One Hundred and Six
  • “Arrest." Jacob said in a surprised tone, he least expects what is happening.
  • "On what charge is he arrested?" Alex asked, he even forget about Zhang death.
  • "Drug and Human trafficking.” Agent Puller said again, he turned to the Agent behind him. “Take him away.” He walked away
  • Jacob was taken away the instant, unable to bear the two loss of her husband and Grandfather, Mi Ho black out immediately, quickly Agent Black caught her before she hit the ground, the Doctors and Nurse take Mi Ho into the ward for treatment.
  • "Alexis and Lillian, you both watch Mi Ho. Alex Tommy and I will find the root of this matter. Just protect Mi Ho.” Agent Black said to Alexis and Lillian, he turned back again. “I think you understand me right."
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