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Chapter 14

  • Chapter Fourteen
  • Meanwhile back at Tahit village, Jacob was the first to be awake, he open his eyes and look around, he remember he was in Tahit village, he also remember the situation he found himself, he manage to sit down, but then he notice a very long black hair on his chest, he recognize it to be Mi Ho, he gently place her head on the bed and he stand up and find a shirt on the table, he put it on and go out, he happen to met Zhang outside, he is sited and looking around as the people come and go,
  • “I thought am the first to wake up.” Jacob said.
  • “Trust me you are not the first to wake up.” Zhang said smiling.
  • "Good morning." Jacob said with and heaves.
  • "Good morning to you too, how are you and your injury?" Zhang asked.
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