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Chapter 53

  • Chapter Fifty Three
  • Spider enter the car and Jane also enter the car too, Spider want to start the car, but Jane stop him, she undo his trouser and bring down her mouth to his penis, and he begin to eat it out.
  • Spider was on cloud nine, she stop and without waiting, he released her seat and he lift her skirt up, without wasting time Spider enter her and begin work.
  • This continue for minute, and as they intensify on what they are doing, the car was shaking, groans and moans fill the air in the car, the guards around don't bother to say anything, they already know what is going on. Ten minute later both side are satisfy, Spider sit back on his seat and start the car, Jane on her own still remain on her sleeping position as Spider drive away.
  • Meanwhile after what happen at Luke Mansion, most of the drug Lords provably have the same thought as Spider, they also was scared to know that Jacob might be alive, moreover he might be the one killing the drug Lords one after the other, everybody got home and call his guards to intensify security.
  • But some see this as opportunity to step up and also become Lord of the Game, still they are just scared of Luke, one of the dealers named Pete who happen to be Influential and rich just like Luke also decide to step up, he talk to his wife first and the wife agreed, then he go for all of the drug Lords and with all sort of lie and twist, he was able to convince most of the dealers to overthrown Luke from the seat.
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