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Chapter 36

  • Chapter Thirty Six
  • Meanwhile the Sun go down, and the whole land of Tahit village and Tahit City was dark, the whole living thing in the time zone go to rest in their various abode, but five people are very awake in Tahit village, it was Jacob, Alex, Mi Ho, Alexis and Lillian the new girl.
  • After they sense that the whole land is asleep, they all crept out silently and trek to the direction of Tahit River, they have nothing in their hands, Jacob and Alex each have a back pack on, and as they trek they keep on talking on irrelevant issue, but Jacob was silent all through, after like twenty minute of trekking, they got to the River,
  • "Now here we are." Alex begins
  • "So how do we cross the River?" Alexis said finally.
  • "Off course you are twins." Mi Ho joked.
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