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Chapter 109

  • Chapter One Hundred and Eight
  • Agent Black stormed out angrily, even Alex and Tommy also lose it for a seconds, but they are able to come back to their senses, they storm out after Agent Black, but Agent Black is faster than they are, he met Agent Puller still outside the FBI office, Agent Black screamed out.
  • "Puller, I am going to kill you." Agent Black said.
  • Angrily he charged at Puller aggressively, he deal a punch on Agent Puller face, the punch caused Agent Puller mouth to swell up, he vomited blood from his mouth, Agent Black lift Agent Black up in the air and he smashed him on the car, he hold Agent Puller by the collar of his cloth firmly in his hand, Agent Black continued to strangle Agent Puller using his jacket collar, Agent Puller as well was choking for air.
  • Alex, Tommy and Agent Black men quickly rushed to the scene, they separate the fight, but Agent Puller mouth and nose continued to bleed profusely, Agent Black anger still rise in him, but he was hold firmly by his men, so that he will not deal more injuries on Puller face.
  • "And is this all you can do?" Agent Puller said still bleeding, he had a mocking smile on his face.
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