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Chapter 72

  • Chapter Seventy Two
  • After the Loss at Hades, Farouq was so devastated about the loss, because he least expect it to happen, he return back to his office and sit on the chair, he was looking at everywhere and then all what happen to him flashback to his head, he become so angry at himself, and was burning up with rage, in fact his anger was so high that pulling down the whole of the building will not calm him down, one of his men come into the office"Boss, what do we do now?" He ask"Get out" Farouq said shouting"But we have to inform....." The other guy was saying"I said get out" Farouq saidFarouq pick up the glass jug on the table and smash it on the innocent man, the other one also dodge it and run out of the office, Farouq scream out loudly, in his anger he throw away all what was on his table, he sit back and begin to think about everythingFinally he begin to calm down, he look around and find the whole of his office in rowdy, he sit back and heave"What ever might be the case, I have to inform my brother about this" Farouq said to himself, finally then call out “Victor" he said screamingThe other guy also come back in, clearly he was the one named Victor, he was in black all over"You call me boss" he said"Prepare the car, I am going to my brother mansion" Farouq said"Yes boss" Victor said and turn to goFarouq call him back “and make sure this place is seal down, no one in or out" Farouq said finallyVictor nod his head and he walk away, some minute later, he is back, he inform Farouq that the car is ready, Farouq also nod and Victor lead the way and Farouq also follow him out.They both board the car and it drive away, Victor was sitting beside Farouq at the back, another man is driving, there is another beside the driver at the front, the rest of the men stay back at Hades protecting it from any living organisms. After some minute driving, the car drive into another big mansion, guards are everywhere all having different kind of ammunition, there are various of cars park all around, Women are also around the corner and all showcasing their body, flaunting it to everybody as they come and go.Obviously it is Omar mansion, and Omar was Farouq elder brother, the car conveying Farouq atop, and Farouq alight immediately, Victor and the other guy also alight and the driver drive the car away, Farouq head inside, Victor also follow him.This mansion is full of security, Cameras are everywhere, Lasers and electric doors is also everywhere, Farouq walk past all the system without caring, clearly the system recognize him, thus the laser light go off and the electric doors open all to allow him entry.Farouq also continue deep into the house till he reach a room, large enough to be called a whole house, Farouq look forward, he see a lot of girls in a corner, he also move forward to the place"Hello Brother Omar" he said shaking"And what do you want again?" A masculine voice come out amidst the Ladies"Am in trouble Brother" the boss saidImmediately a male body appear amidst the ladies, he was naked and one of the ladies give him a towel to wrap himself, Omar was not like all those pot bellied men, he was of good stature, he have the body is model, tall slim an handsome"What crime did you commit again?" Omar askHe sit down opposite Farouq, he begin to drink wine from a cup, one of the Ladies serve him and another begin to message his shoulder"I fucking gamble" Farouq said in angerOmar laugh and come near his little brother , he put his arm around his neck"My little brother Farouq, I don't blame you for gambling, because I know you are good in it, the maim reason why I put you in charge of the Hades" Omar said still laughing"That is the problem Omar, the Hades is the issue" Farouq said looking worried"Care to tell me" Omar said aghast"I gamble and lost" Farouq said"Life is not always a win" Omar said and he smile “I taught you that” Omar said finally"What I lost is too much Omar" Farouq said dejectedly"Don’t tell me you bet the Hades" Omar said"Yes Brother, I wager the whole Hades and loss" Farouq said finallyOmar become angry, he move closer to Farouq and he deal a big slap on Farouq face, Farouq also hold his face in pain and anger"How dare you wager the Hades" Omar said shout in angerIn anger, he deal another slap on Farouq other face, Farouq also fell down as a result of the impact of the slap, in anger Omar pick up his gun that was on the table, he aim at Farouq head and aim to kill his useless brother, but Victor was very fast, he quickly hold Omar hand, he kneel down in front of Omar"Please Sheik, don’t kill him, boss Farouq tried all he can to win the gamble, but he was ganged up, the game was pre determined" Victor said still holding Omar hand“And what are you looking at when he wager the Hades" Omar said turning to VictorHe use his leg to hit Victor in the stomach, Victor also fell down, quickly stand up and kneel"Am sorry Sheik" Victor saidOmar look at Farouq still wiggling on the floor, he actually love his brother more his own life, he was just angry at him beyond reason today, Omar heave and thank Victor in his heart for stopping him from doing something he will regret forever. He finally drop his gun and sit down, he voice out"Now come here now" He said to FarouqFarouq also stand up, he hold his ear still because of the impact of the slap, he come to where Omar is sited"Now tell me, who is the son a bitch who won you?" Omar ask"I don't even know him, he is an old man" Farouq said"Alright,when he come back for his winning, get him down during the time" Omar said finally"He is not coming back" Farouq said with his head down"What does that mean?" Omar ask in confusion"He already got the paper work" Farouq reply in dejection"Farouq how dare you" Omar said shouting
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