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Chapter 92

  • Chapter Ninety One
  • Meanwhile Tommy and Alexis had been monitoring the lawyer movement, when they see him leaving in the morning, Tommy drives after him, they trail him to his office and wait for him somewhere around the corner, when they sees him driving out at noon, Tommy as well follows him at a reasonable distance, till they finally see him driving toward the Prison for woman.
  • Tommy park the car, he and Alexis wait for the man at a good place, they hardly wait another hour, they see him coming out, Tommy jumps to action, he look around for sign of living, when the road is clear, he drag the into his own car.
  • The Lawyer also surrender himself up. “Please just don’t hurt me, I will give you anything.”
  • “When will you break Jane out of Prison? “ Tommy asked bluntly.
  • “I am sorry, I am Lawyer. I am not a criminal like you.” The Lawyer said, he is shock knowing that his steps are no longer safe.
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