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Chapter 71

  • Chapter Seventy One
  • Immediately the paper work for Hades is brought on the table, the same time a poison is put on the table as well, a wooden lid having two dice in it is also brought to the table as well, since Farouq is the defender, he go first, he pick up the lid and begin to shake it vigorously for many seconds, he turn the lid and open it immediately.
  • Everybody all surge forward to look at the score, the side having just a dot is up on the two side, that make two point which is the lowest point in a Roll a Dice, everybody was surprised to see the score, because you rarely had two point in a Dice game, only a pro throw two point in Roll a Dice, everybody agree that Farouq is a pro
  • Farouq himself is pleased at himself for the point as well, he had never throw this kind of point, his lowest is three point, he become please that he can’t lose no matter the magic that Zhang want to play.
  • Jacob and the rest are viewing what is happening from their spot, they are more than scared when they see Farouq point, Mi Ho on her own was already shaking with fright, she knew her Grandfather is gone for good, he put her head of Jacob shoulder and begin to cry silently.
  • Meanwhile all the while Zhang was not even perturbed nor shaking, he pick up the lid having the dice, and he throw it up two time and voice out
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