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Chapter 87

  • Chapter Eighty Six
  • Meanwhile just as trouble is going at Tahit Federal Prisons, Luke and the rest are all save and sound, they are already in a hideout prepared by Omar men beforehand, everything they will be needing in the hideout, are all ready under Omar command to his Lawyer.
  • First Luke, Farouq, Victor and Spider have a nice dinner, the feeling of freedom overshadow Luke once again, he close his eyes and he is reminiscing on his life as the Lord of the Game, he even begins to imagine himself back on the throne once again, Luke smiles to himself. Victor come into the dinning and voice out
  • "Now is the time to make other preparation, we need to talk.” he said.
  • Luke snap out of his happy trance, he opens his eyes and stare at Victor in death glare, he wish to strangle Victor to death immediately. But Victor is not even move by Luke glare, he only fold his arm together with his head turn to a side.
  • "Now.” Spider said after a whole minute of silence.
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