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Chapter 26

  • Chapter Twenty Six
  • Spider recover from the fall first, when he recover he look around and found Jane lying down breathlessly, he run to where Jane is, she is the most affected, because she is nearer to the grenade, Spider begin to revive her using mouth to mouth respiration, Spider men also recover from the fall as well one after the other, they all look around and find the whole place burning, none of their car survive the grenade, thus they practically have no transportation back to the clubhouse.
  • Above all their captive had escape during the heist, they also escape with their drug and every clue to locate them, Spider men begin to look all around, they all turn and find Spider trying to revive Jane, quickly they all rush to bus side and was helping in one way or the other Jane face was black, and blood was coming out of her side, she probably was cut by glass from the blown car.
  • Some minute later, Jane gasp out and she open her eyes, Spider and rest of the gang all heaved out a sign of relief, quickly they find a cloth to tie where blood was coming out of Jane body. Spider finally look around and find the whole car gone,
  • "The whole car is gone." he said.
  • “Yes Boss. The petrol in each car go up in flames immediately the grenade ignite into flame.” one of the men said.
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