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Chapter 126

  • Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Five
  • Instead of talking, Luke was just laughing. “Johnson taught you well, but he failed to give you the greatest lesson, he failed to tell you that family and loved ones only makes you weak in this game. Now mourn your family, live with the regret of having everything in your command and yet can’t save your most precious Gold. “
  • Luke continued to laugh, it irritate Jacob the more, that he began to punch Luke in the stomach and in the head, Luke continued to bleed. Quickly Jane break from the FBI hold, she ran towards Jacob and he hold his arm from behind.
  • "Jacob stop. Your wife is safe, she is under the basement in the sitting room." Jane said.
  • Jacob let go of Luke, he nod his head and throw the countdown away, he set his stopwatch to nine minute and run off, Alex and Tommy tries to hold him back.
  • "What are you doing?" Alex asked first.
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