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Chapter 116

  • Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen
  • Meanwhile in Jacob cell, he is having lot of different thought about Victor visit this afternoon, he haven’t each a conclusion whether to trust him or not, for the first time in his life, Jacob is having conflicted thought in making decision, he had never blink twice before he made decision in the past, but now he is very confused on what to do.
  • Once again, he examined the phone given to him by Victor, he can’t find anything odd about the phone, he returned back to his deep thought. Finally he decided not to trust Victor, but then something called him back to remembered Mi Ho message to him, actually he had said that just once to Mi Ho while they were in Tahit Village, thus if Victor can know about it, then he is surely speaking the truth.
  • Finally Jacob looked around, when the coast is clear to him, he dial Alex number, but its unreachable, he also dial Alexis and met the same fate, he also dial Tommy and Lillian number, they are all unreasonable as well. Jacob became frustrated, finally he decided to try Agent Black, and it is reachable rings, Jacob heaved out a sign of relief.
  • Meanwhile since evening, Agent Black, Alex, Tommy, Alexis and Lillian are still with Zhang in the underground hospital, Doctor Stone had also left and returned back after his shift is over, he also sat together with the ground, suddenly a phone ring out, Agent Black check the caller, because its from his phone, the screen displayed a new number, at first he frowned, still he picked up and voice out,
  • "Hello. Who am I speaking to?" he asked in a cold tone.
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