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Chapter 118

  • Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen
  • After all said and done, preparation began from each side, Luke had gotten ready his hitman, the hitman as well is been settle and was all ready. Meanwhile Agent Black and the rest are also ready, they had gotten the bus ready and customized, they prepared another bus as well, which will be drive by another driver, the driver is also a loyal one, he worked in one of Jacob companies. The corpse to replaced Jacob is also ready by Alex and Tommy, finally Agent Black visited Jacob and give him the pill from Doctor Stone.
  • Two weeks later. Agent Puller come on to transfer Jacob to the courts, it is a big black bus that have a bunker behind it, an armored car filled will armed Agent was behind and ahead the bus. Jacob was taken out and lead into the bus, two security men sat with him in the bus, Agent Puller sit in the front seat, the bus driver drive away.
  • All the way Agent Puller was calling and giving update of their location, actually Jacob had swallowed the pill giving to him by Agent Black, thus twenty minute later, Jacob begin to gasp for air, the security men beside him noticed this, quickly they called on Agent Puller attention, the bus stop and Agent Puller also alight, this is not part if the plan he made together with Luke.
  • Quickly Agent Puller ran to the back, he opened the door and check on Jacob pulse, he was able to feel a faint pulse after give minute, he have a sign of relief, at least there is still hope of turning things around to suit his plan. Finally Agent Puller alight the bus, thr security with him also alight the bus too.
  • "He is still breathing.” Agent Puller said faking a worried tone.
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