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Chapter 30

  • Chapter Thirty
  • "It means i won't stop anybody from falling in Love, but I will say this, be careful in choosing whom to love when it comes to this game, don’t be like me. When it comes to this game, let your brain lead your heart not your heart to lead your brain." Jacob said.
  • Jacob walks back to where the rest are standing, but instead of stopping he walk away from them towards the carriage. Mi Ho, Alex and Alexis are just looking at him, Jacob board the carriage, he smile and voice out,
  • "Guys, Tahit village is just few meters ahead, mind if we continue our journey." Jacob said.
  • Mi Ho was the first to snap out of their trance, Alex and Alexis also snap out, the trio climb, the carriage, Jacob control the horse to continue forward, the same time he check his wristwatch and the time just reads 4:00am.
  • Morning, and the sunrise from the East, the sun shone brightly on the land, the darkness disappeared from Tahit village. The villagers see this as work time, and they all rise to face the day challenge.
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