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Chapter 73

  • Chapter Seventy Three.
  • His anger overshadow him again, he deal another slap on Farouq face, Farouq fall down again and was wriggling in pain, reality begin to make him to understand his foolishness, he clearly play into the old man hand, he can only apologize to his brother, he even hope that Omar find a way to get Hades back
  • Omar does not even mind his brother, he stand up and walk around the room, he pick up a cup of alcoholic wine and begin to drink, Farouq already had stand up and was ashamed of himself, his head is just down, Omar finally voice out
  • "Victor" he call out
  • "Yes sheik" Victor said with bow opposite Omar
  • "I need you to clear the mess that this useless brother of mine made" Omar said finally
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