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Chapter 128

  • Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Seven
  • Fours hour later after the arrest of Luke, Spider, Farouq and Jane. At the same hospital as where Zhang was treated. Mi Ho was lying on the bed, Blood was pass into her body, her eyes are closed very firm, she even looked pale and very weak, Alexis, Lillian and Zhang are also sited beside her bed and are cracking jokes. Suddenly Mi Ho sneeze and opened her eyes first, due to the sound of laughter, nobody noticed that she is awake, Mi Ho looked around and realized she is in the hospital, she screamed out.
  • "Jacob, where is Jacob?" She screamed out very loud.
  • Alexis, Lillian and Zhang come to themselves, they all turned and saw Mi Ho awake, quickly Alexis and Lillian surrounded her, they both try to calm her down, but Mi Ho burst to another round of cries
  • "Jacob is dead, He is dead because of me, he dies trying to protect us, he………." she was saying amidst her sob.
  • At first none understand what Mi Ho is trying to pass across, because the same Jacob just walked out of the hospital about an hour ago. Alexis and Lillian are just staring at one another. Mi Ho as well continued to sob and lament her loss.
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