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Chapter 114

  • Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen
  • “They are transfer of ownership. I am transferring all of Omar properties to you.” Victor said in a cold tone, he sound nonchalant all the time.
  • Mi Ho freeze first, she read the file and confirmed that Victor is right, he is actually giving her all of Omar money and wealth. Mi Ho look at Victor.
  • “I don’t understand any longer.” She said.
  • “Actually Omar mulch out lot of money from the people of Tahit City, and I have helped him do that all my life. Believe I don’t regret it, my only regret in life is not meeting your husband before I met Omar.” Victor said and bring out a pen he placed it on the file, then he continued.
  • “So, I am Omar next of kin in case of death.” Victor then kneel down. “I beg you Mrs. Jacob, kindly return all this money back to the people of Tahit City, they own it in the first place, Omar only stole them with my help. Please don’t take a dime from it for yourself.”
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