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Chapter 60

  • Chapter Sixty
  • Zhang turn to the villagers and ask for help, they all join hands together and take Mary body away to be buried, they find dried wood and set them on one another, they put Mary body on it wrap in white linen cloth, they prepare the torch, Zhang look around for Jacob
  • "Go and call Jake to this place" Zhang said to Alex
  • Alex nod his head and run off, he enter into Zhang hut and find Jake all dress up in black all through, he stuff his two handguns into his jacket, and was ready to leave the hut
  • Mi Ho and Alexis are trying to pacify him not to do what he intend to do, Alex as well understand and quickly he run to call Zhang, some minute later he was back with Zhang behind him
  • "So to where are you going?" Zhang ask with a frown
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