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Chapter 108

  • Chapter One Hundred and Seven
  • Luke and the rest as well view the news on T.V, they watched how Jacob is led away from the hospital into a car, he was handcuffed and taken away in the car. Luke burst to a round of laughter first, his laughter became virus and it spread all around the room, Spider, Jane and Farouq all joined in the round of laughter, because their plan worked out as planed.
  • Victor was not in the room at first, he walked into the room and saw the news, his expression change totally, seeing Jacob taken away pour a cold water in his heart, a month ago, he already admire Jacob so much, that is why he had been sending message to Agent Black, to warn him about Luke intention. But now it has gotten to this stage, he decided to do something about helping Jacob out of his trouble. Still he must give the enemy goof impression about him, thus seeing the news, Victor give a happy yell, he even voice out.
  • "Yea. That is what I am talking about, that son of a bitch is taken away." he said and walked into the room.
  • "Really." Jane said, she is in shock as a result of Victor reaction.
  • "Like I said all those who had hand in Sheik death will pay." Victor said and point to the t.v. “And that son of a bitch is the first of all.”
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