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Chapter 129

  • Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Eight
  • For more than a minute, Jacob and Mi Ho are just staring at one another, Mi Ho was speechless on where to began appreciating her husband, Jacob as well is clueless about how to apologized to his wife. Jacob hold Mi Ho two hands together in his.
  • "So are you going to keep looking at me like that forever?" Jacob said first.
  • "What can I say Jacob; I am so clueless on what to say to you?" Mi Ho replied in hiccups.
  • "At least; scold me for coming late for you and our baby, scold me for caring about my business more than you, scold me…….." Jacob was saying.
  • Mi Ho kissed his lips to shut Jacob up, even Jacob was lost in the ecstasy, he also deepen the kiss. Someone knocked the door, both Jacob and Mi Ho felt relieved for not been caught red handed, a nurse enter the room pushing a cart.
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