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Chapter 130

  • Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Nine
  • The Prosecutor in charge of Jacob charge began to provide evidence to show that Jacob is really guilty of the charges against him, they provide the document which showed that Jacob really own the house, Luke and the rest are also called upon and they all bear witness that Jacob own the house. The Prosecutor was eloquent enough that both the Judge and the Jury as well are all convince that Jacob was really guilty.
  • But all the while Jacob was not even disturbed, not Jacob alone is not disturbed, even the people who came for jubilation are not disturbed as well, they have absolute confidence in Jacob to turn things around for himself. Soon the Judge turned to the Jacob Attorney to defend his client, the Attorney stand up and walked out with confidence.
  • "My lordship, first I want you to understand a very crucial thing, that certificate of ownership can be forge so well nowadays in order to implicate another person." the Attorney said first.
  • "Yes, that is very true, but this one is very glaring." the judge said as well.
  • "Yes My Lordship, you are right; but what if this is a plan work by my client enemy, so as to put him in trouble." The Attorney asked suddenly.
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