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Chapter 19

  • Chapter Nineteen
  • Sunrise from the East, the whole land was light by the ray from sunlight. And everything that walk and breath life on the time zone all rise up to face the challenges of the day.
  • Mi Ho raise from the bed, at first she didn't recognize where she is, her vision is blur and her head is banging, she hold her head as a result of headache she is feeling, she tried to recollect all that happen yesterday night, but none of the memory come back to her.
  • She rest back on the wooden bed, and was like that for like five minute, she finally rise up and walk out of the room, she met Mary outside of the hut, she is grinding something on the stone, Mi Ho great her and walk past her, Mary also smile and reply.
  • "Morning to you too." Mary said, she continue what she is doing.
  • "Where is Grandfather?" Mi Ho asked.
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