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Chapter 4

  • Chapter Four
  • "Jacob, what was .......” Mary see two men coming at Jacob back, she voice out “Jacob, watch out" she said.
  • Jacob quickly duck and was crawling on the floor, the same time the two men are shooting at everywhere. Mary as well jump into the swimming pool and stay underwater for as long as possible, the shooting continue there is broken glass everywhere around the corner, Jacob pick up two broken glass, he slip on the tarred floor and throw the broken glass, the glass hit the gunman at the head and they both fall down dead at the same time.
  • Jacob walk out of the mansion, he go to the swimming pool and he jump into the swimming pool, he and Mary come out of the swimming pool, both are wet from water, quickly Jacob find a robe and give it to Mary.
  • "What is happening?" She ask in panic, she put on the robe.
  • "I don't know, but I think Johnson is compromise, he must have got wind of it and that is why he attend the meeting alone, and ask us to stay back." Jacob reply.
  • He walk away and Mary come after him, they both head in and directly to the master bedroom, Mary sit down, but she was very uneasy.
  • "What are we doing here now." she asked
  • "I don't know, but Johnson said to keep my phone on, surely it means something, he will call and I guess, we might need something here for his survival." Jacob said, he open the wardrobe and quickly change his wet cloth.
  • Mary was just looking at him, she was still scared as a result of the attack on the house, she did not even know what to do next.
  • Meanwhile Johnson was in his car, and was driving away, he escaped from the other drug dealer by swiftness, but he was hit by a bullet when the door to the wall elevator closing, the bullet hit his stomach and blood was gushing out of it, he crawled to his car and drove away.
  • Johnson strength was falling him due to loosing much blood, still he manage to keep driving back home, he make it to the junction which head to his mansion, he see gunman heading to the same direction.
  • Johnson knew the instant that his location is compromise, he was debating either to go home or not, the same time his car was hit from behind, the impact make him to his head on the steering, but the airbag activate lessen his accident, before Johnson turn to look back, there is wave of bullet hitting his car.
  • Quickly Johnson alight from the car and in seconds, his newly bought car go up in flame, people around the vicinity all clamor for safety, they are all running around to be safe from the gunmen bullet, Johnson use the opportunity to run away in the rowdiness, but his phone and everything was in the car, his tummy is also bleeding very badly.
  • He remove his suit and use it to tie the place where blood was gushing out, he begin to run to an unknown direction using his feet, he come across lot of people all around the corner doing business on drug, this was not surprising because this is Tahit City, drug deal is the fastest means of making money.
  • Johnson run into an open store, he remove his gun and use it to threaten everybody to eave the store, he succeed and he pick up the land phone on the table, he lock himself in one of the room, he look around the room and find a kitchen knife. Quickly Johnson put on the gas cooker, he put the knife on the fire, and allow it to become hot, he pick up the land phone and dial Jacob number, but there is no answer, he try it again but still the same fate, no answer from Jacob end.
  • He drop the phone and take the knife away from the gas cooker, the knife tip was already burning red, Johnson insert it in the bullet wound, in some seconds the bullet is out, the same knife he use it to burn the wound close, the bleeding stop and Johnson continue to try Jacob number again.
  • Unknown to Johnson, the people after him was trailing his blood, and when they heard the sound of horror nearby, they trace the sound and find Johnson coming out of the room, they held him at gunpoint. Johnson also realize this is the end, he raise his hand in surrendering, the same time the land phone he is using to call ring out, Johnson pick up and put the receiver down, he voice out and come out of the room.
  • "Okay am no more running." he said and come out with his hands up in the air.
  • There is sound of laughter from Spider (the leader of the killer)
  • "Yea, you really are the Lord of the Game, now game over for you." Spider said.
  • He bring out his phone and dial Luke number, it ring for some seconds and Luke pick up from his end.
  • "Give me news Spider." Luke said from the phone.
  • "I got your man down." Spider said.
  • "Great, now do me a favor and drop him forever." Luke said from the phone.
  • "Gladly." Spider said and turn to Johnson, he aim Johnson head with his gun, “now, former Lord of the Game, any last word." Spider said.
  • "Yes, I will just say behind my wardrobe, and the password is our son birthday." Johnson said.
  • Without wasting time, Spider shot Johnson in the head and Johnson drop dead immediately.
  • “It’s done boss.” Spider said with a sarcastic laughter.
  • “I heard it as well, now come back to the joint.” Luke said and hang up.
  • Spider also turn to his men, he give them some orders and walk away, immediately some follow him and the rear take Johnson body away.