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Chapter 94

  • Chapter Ninety Three
  • Meanwhile Victor make it outside successfully, he enters one of the Ambulance, he drives out and make a turn towards the back of the hospital, he stops the Ambulance and waits for some minute. Meanwhile someone enter from behind, without much thought again, Victor just start the Ambulance and he drives away, some seconds later Spider come to the front side, he smiles and exchange handshake with Victor.
  • "That was awesome buddy." he said and give thumbs up to Victor.
  • Victor also smile first. “Nice, clean and swift." He also add.
  • "Now the team had assemble, no one can stop us again, not even Jacob and all his riches and wealth.” Spider said, he voice hold great animosity and anger.
  • Jane stand up from the wheelchair, she sits beside the guys, she had miss a man touch and she really crave for it right now, she try to start something with Spider, but he stops her.
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