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Chapter 122

  • Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One.
  • Meanwhile argument still continued between Luke and Jane in the sitting room, actually when Luke lose his focus, Jane wrestled the gun from his hand, he tossed the gun far away yo the edge of the room, in anger Luke turned his frustration on Jane, they both began to exchange words. Farouq and Spider also join the conversation.
  • "You can't kill her Boss, and you can’t dare treat her worse." Jane said in a defying tone.
  • "And give me one damn reason she should live; she is useless to me now for all I care.” Luke said angrily.
  • Spider frowned after he heard Luke, that moment something changed in him, he didn’t understand what it is, but a new light began to shown in him, even though he is killer who had assassinate countless people, but the day he killed Victor, he have a change of heart, the way Luke describe Mi Ho right now cause Spider to have a total change of heart, in fact he began to regret walking down the pact of an Assassin. But to save Jane, he moved closer to Luke
  • "I brought news boss." Spider cut in in a calm tone.
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