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Chapter 51

  • Chapter Fifty One
  • Meanwhile all these is not known by Luke and his men, after he had wipe out Pokémon and his territory out last night, Luke had been snapping at everything, even he refuse to sleep with the girls that was brought in for him last night, the pain of losing his drug and money at the same night still make his angry at everything.
  • He decide to watch the t.v the next day, Jane and Spider are also with him, in fact they never left since last night, Spider stand up and put on the t.v and tune to desire station, he sit back beside Jane.
  • The evening news is brought up, and Luke was surprise when the news is casted of a dead man, and with the man description, the man surely is one of the drug Lords under him, he turn to Jane,
  • "Another drug Lords dead again" he said.
  • "Yea boss that is what it says" Jane said.
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