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Lord Of The Game

Lord Of The Game

Emperor Gideon

Update: 2021-12-31

Chapter 1

  • Lord Of The Game Chapter One
  • "Hey Beautiful, you done already.” a Male voice said from inside the room.
  • "Yea almost." another voice said from inside the kitchen.
  • Quickly the Lady dress in a yellow satin gown, the gown was a revealing gown, so her yellow pant and bra was seen through the gown, she quickly pour a white substances into a Petri dish, she bring out lot of beaker and then she place a large frying pan on the Gas Cooker, she fill the frying pan with water right to quarter, she put on the Gas Cooker and begin to fill the Beaker with the white substance, and began placing the beaker inside the frying pan gently and steadily, and the water was boiling over.
  • The man comes into the kitchen, he was dress in a white tuxedo, he also had a white cowboy hat on his head, his shoe was also in white colour, he kiss the Lady right from the back.
  • "Am ready to move honey." he said.
  • "Just a second more." she said.
  • The lady finally put off the Gas Cooker, the white substances which was in powdered form was now in a solid form, she park them into white nylon, and in some minute it is all ready, she pick up the bag and turn to the man.
  • "Now this belong to you, and is ten Kilos." she said.
  • "Wow, this can even be squeeze inside my jacket pocket." he said.
  • "And that is what make you Lord of the Game." she said.
  • "Yes, I am Lord of the Game, because I had the beat crew around me." he said and he kiss her lips once again.
  • "Now, where is Jacob?" He asked.
  • "As usual after Skirt as he always does.” she answers, and turn to the room "Jacob you are needed downstairs." she shout on top of her voice.
  • The next minute, a guy of about Thirty years come rushing down from the stairs, he was just on black trouser, he had no cloth on, his body was like that of boxers, having a well build muscle and a die hard body physique.
  • "Here I am." he said
  • He moves towards the fridge and bring out a jug of juice, he begin to drink from the jug directly, the man and woman look at him, and both hiss at the same time.
  • "I keep telling you Jacob, when it comes to this game, do not trust a Lady." the man said with a frown.
  • "Not Jane." Jacob said and drink again from the jug.
  • The same time, a Lady also alight from the stairs, she had a black long hairs, her height was about 5ft, she had a body which suit for a model, she was on a red high heel sandal, she also had just a red gown on, the red gown barely reach her knee, she walk over to Jacob and kiss him on the lips, she turn back.
  • "Hi Mary, hi Johnson." she said smiling.
  • The woman(Mary by name) smile and wave at Jane, but the man (Johnson) just nod, but from his countenance, he was not that happy at Jane, Jane as well notice Johnson attitude towards her, she only smile and turn to Jacob.
  • "Call me." she said and makes a sign of call me with her hand.
  • "Absolutely." Jacob said smiling to her, Jane walk away immediately.
  • "I hate her." Johnson said, he carries the bag on his bag.
  • "You don't have to, not Jane will double cross me in the game." Jacob said.
  • "Not all Devil wear black, some put on Green, some even put on White." Johnson said with a serious facial expression.
  • "Time to leave honey." Mary said, she tried to push Johnson out of the house.
  • "Alright, I will leave, but I had been saying this to you Jacob, and I say it once again.” Johnson begins and swallows his saliva.
  • “In this game, everybody wants to be Lord, but to be able to last longer in the sit, you have to be able to know Angel from Demons." Johnson said.
  • “Oh! come one Johnson, I think we discuss this before .“ Jacob said with sign of frustration.
  • “Yes, we did discuss it, but we are discussing it again.” Johnson said, he put down the bag he had carried on his back at first.
  • “Johnson, don’t you think I am wise enough to differentiate friend from foe, I have follow you to every deal point, I had been with you to every meeting, you had taught me everything, I am not a dullard, I knows what am doing and Jane will never betray me, I choose her because I believe her.” Jacob said, he clearly was very angry.
  • “Trust enough don’t do this.” Johnson said.
  • “Johnson, I am no longer a kid you rescue from the claws of death, you already make me stronger, so stop protecting me like am your son.” Jacob said in anger.
  • Johnson look at Jacob in the eyes, he clearly was very angry, but his stance shows total remorse, his eyes was red just like someone who will break down into cry anytime soon.
  • Mary notice the tension between the two, quickly she cut in the midst.
  • “Johnson, out this very moment, and Jacob to your room.” Mary said shouting, and she move closer to Johnson.
  • Jacob turn and head to his room, Johnson also clean his eyes with an handkerchief, he pick up his backpack, Mary also hand over an Hand gun to him, Johnson take the gun and put it in his jacket, he walk out and head to the large underground garage.
  • There are lot of exquisite cars parked in the garage, there are Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, Nissan, Chevrolet, even a modify cars. Johnson toll the keys in his hand using his third finger, he press the button on the key and immediately a Lamborghini begin to beep, Johnson move towards the car and enter the car, he put the bag on the seat beside him, he start the car and he drive out of the compound, the same time another car come out of the corner and follow after Johnson car.
  • Back in the house, Mary sit back on the settle and was eating an Apple, Jacob come down from the stairs, he was all dress in a black suit, he was doing the button in his hand.
  • “Where is Johnson?” he asked.
  • “He left already.” Mary reply.
  • "Why drop me behind?" Jacob asked.
  • "I don't know, he only says that don't leave the Mansion today, and keep your cellphone juice all the time." Mary said.
  • "He calls the shot, he is the Lord of the Game anyway.” Jacob said and walk away.