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Chapter 50

  • Chapter Fifty
  • After running for few minute, she finally got to the storey building house and climb up, she locate Alexis and drop the bag beside her, immediately she take another corner away, Alexis also pick up the bag and was walking away like nothing is wrong.
  • The drug dealer men pursuing after them are confused, they can see the bag taken away, but another person is taken it, they decide to split up, three after the bag and one after Lillian.
  • When Alexis see the men after her, she also took off as well, meanwhile Lillian was ready at a secluded area, she hide at a backyard with her leg on the way, she was waiting for his pursuer, one of the man also run in blindly, he slip and fall down, before he even think Lillian shoot him dead, she put her hand on the intercom,
  • "One down" she said.
  • "Three to go" Mi Ho said.
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