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Chapter 95

  • Chapter Ninety Four
  • Mi Ho picked up the t.v remote, she press a button on the remote to the t.v, the t.v on and the same time the news announce of the Prison break of female prisoners named Jane, her picture is also place beside the t.v, the picture of her possible companion who break her out of prison are also place beside her. The anger in Jacob rise up, his expression take a drastic change, in his anger Jacob hit the table and the table break into two equal part, Jacob hand begin to bleed because he hit the table so hard, not even minding his bleeding hand, he grab his phone and dial Tommy number.
  • Jacob wait for a few minute before Tomny pick up from his end, even before Tommy pick up, Jacob continue to curse his head out, immediately Tommy pick up, Jacob bellow out.
  • "Tommy, how dare you give me wrong information?" Jacob asked angrily, his voice is loud, that it can cause the house foundation to shake.
  • "Really, I told you all I found out." Tommy said from his end. But his tone is shaky.
  • "Can you put on the t.v please?" Jacob said still in anger.
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