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Chapter 63

  • Chapter Sixty Three
  • Tommy nod his head, he pay his bills and walk away with Alexis following her, been a man who had always live his life as a drug Lords, he was very familiar with what the world if violence, thus he was not weary nor scared been taken an hostage, in fact Tommy was all smile all through the journey away from the restaurant.
  • Tommy and Alexis both continue to walk, and, Alexis was directing him on where to go, after some minute they both make into Tommy ferry, Alexis told him to proceed on into the cabin, Tommy understand what was going in, the Lady is probably working for someone and the someone want to see him, Tommy open the door and enter the cabin, Alexis lock the door after him.
  • "So can you show me what wildness is now?" Tommy said turning back t Alexis
  • Without warning, Alexis deal a blow on Tommy face, he falls down and she walk away, when Tommy stand up and follow after Alexis with his gaze, he was surprise to see Jacob sited, there are also four other people with him
  • "Is this real or am hallucinating?" Tommy ask with shock on his face
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