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Chapter 104

  • Chapter One Hundred and Three
  • Meanwhile at Omar secret base which now Luke and the rest hideout. It is total mourning atmosphere, everybody were all devastated concerning Omar death, even Farouq was on black all the day after hearing about his brother death, though he was glad for his brother death, still he appeared very sober to deceive Victor. Luke, Spider and Jane as well looked so sad, they knew that was Luke aim at first, still Omar is part of them, thus they had to give him the last respect.
  • Victor alone was really sad about Omar death, he was not sad alone, he is angry about the news, because Omar is murdered, his anger arose because Omar death was a good news to Luke and Farouq, thus all day, he was just busy drinking and drinking none stop, he was really angry, but drinking was the only means to calm his nerves from killing Luke and Farouq in anger. When it is nightfall, and darkness had cover the land, when, Luke call everybody together, he stands up to talk.
  • "Its painful that Omar is dead, it shows that the person we fighting is a genius and he is ready for us" Luke said.
  • Victor anger rose again, that he almost picked up a gun and shot Luke to death, still he stayed calm, because he already make his plan, and for the plan to be successful, Luke need to stay alive. Luke attention also focus on Victor, he also noticed his risen anger, this is exactly what he wanted, thus he continued,
  • "And I promise to avenge Omar death, even if I use the last drop of blood on me to accomplished that.” Luke said finally
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