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Chapter 83

  • Chapter Eighty Three
  • For two weeks, Omar, Farouq and Victor are prosecute by the Government, after much investigation plus the evidence given by Lillian, Omar is found guilty and sentence to death after serving two years imprisonment, Farouq and Victor are send to life imprisonment each.
  • Jacob, Zhang, Tommy, Mi Ho, Lillian and the twins are also present at the court, when the judgment was made on Omar and his people, in their presence they are taken away to Tahit Federal Prison. Jacob and his friend also go back home, when they got back to the Mansion, everybody was sited, Jacob voice out.
  • "Now we have everything back under our control. Hades and Celeb Club House, so I guess there will be no more drugs in the street again, because those two house are the largest distributor of the drug.” Jacob said.
  • "So I guess that conclude everything then." Zhang said smiling.
  • "Yes the Old Man is very right.” Tommy also add.
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