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Chapter 111

  • Chapter One Hundred and Ten
  • At first the group are reluctant to followed after Doctor Stone, but the West African born Doctor insist, the group have no option than follow after him. They head outside of the hospital, they go to the backyard of the hospital, Doctor Stone opened a door and entered first, the rest also fill into the small room, Doctor Stone closed the door after them.
  • Finally Doctor Stone pressed something around the wall, the wall suddenly opened, he head in first and the rest entered after him, then the wall close. Everybody except for Doctor Stone are very surprised, because they are in a tunnel. The group walked for some minute, finally they came across about seven to eight people, they are walking all around the tunnel, Doctor Stone voice out.
  • "Actually, the injection given to Mr. Zhang is too powerful for a man of his age, but Mr. Jacob insist we should give him the serum. I have no option than do as he wanted, when we finally administer the serum into his system, the after effect of the serum affect Mr. Zhang’s leg. Those people you all are seeing are position here by Mr. Jacob to take care of Mr Zhang, at least till he is okay in every part of his body." Doctor explained himself.
  • "So Jacob knew about all of this." Lillian said asking a question.
  • "Actually Mr. Jacob started it." Doctor Stone said.
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