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Chapter 120

  • Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen
  • But to their surprise, Mi Ho just began to laugh uncontrollably, Luke, Farouq, Jane and Spider are all surprise to see Mi Ho laughing, clearly their plan is failed on Mi Ho, still Luke man up,
  • "And why the cries of joy?" Luke asked trying to act cool.
  • "I am this happy because you make me laugh." Mi Ho said still laughing, then she stopped laughing, he moved closer to Luke. “Do you know me? I am Mi Ho a half Korean, and a half Chinese, does that ring a bell to you?. It means that two strong headed blood run in my veins, and that is what Jacob see in me and he decided to marry me, because I will be dead before I am forced to go against what I want."
  • "We shall see to that." Luke said and stand up slowly, he never anticipate this to happened.
  • Mi Ho rest back on the chair comfortably. “Keep trying, I will gladly wait and see how you turn me."
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