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Chapter 57

  • Chapter Fifty Seven
  • Spider happen to get Jacob plan, so he put man at the door to watch what is about to happen, an hour later Alex and Alexis also leave Oston and head out to get all that they needed.
  • Meanwhile all the time, the two men station to follow them also get to work, they begin to trail them, as Alex and the girls go from shop to shop, the men never lose them, and funny enough Alex and Alexis never knew that someone is following them, all their thought is that Jacob had drawn all the enemies away, and moreover they had never been trail before.
  • And so they got all that they need and head back home, the twin board a Ferry to carry them across Tahit River, the men trailing them as well never relent in following them at all. Finally Alex and Alexis alight the ferry; and they continue towards Tahit village, which was just about fifteen minute walk away from the River.
  • The men also wait and follow them, and after some time they got Alex and the girls trail, and so trace them till they go Zhang hut, the men even go in and receive treatment from Zhang, when they are done, they head back home in Tahit City to report their findings.
  • Spider and his men continue to pursue Jacob and Mi Ho, even Jane also join in the hot pursuit, but even though Spider and the rest are wise, still they don't possess half of Jacob wisdom, upon all they do to get him, Jacob still manage to shake them off without a problem.
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