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Chapter 124

  • Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Three
  • Suddenly Jacob burst to laughter. Luke and the rest are very surprise at his reaction, suddenly Jacob stopped laughing abruptly, then he hit the table angrily, he hit the table with a great force and intensity that even Luke, Spider and Farouq are scared.
  • Jacob stood up. “I didn't take over this place from my friend so as to sell these two house just like that, I take over to have them to myself; I loved the feeling of been a kingpin, I love the feeling of been the Lord over Tahit City.” Jacob finally sat down. “You can try harder before you take this from me.”
  • The way Jacob talked carried such a great power that Luke heart even jumped up in fright, he had never been under the influence of power like this, even Farouq had an change of heart about taking over immediately Jacob voice out. Spider alone is not affected, his survival instinct as an assassin jump into action.
  • "And your mistake is thinking you have a choice here." Spider said in a cold tone.
  • Immediately Spider bring out another gun and aim Jacob head, Farouq fear also disappeared immediately Spider talked, quickly he produced two papers from the briefcase on the table, he placed them both on the table, he also produced a pen from his pocket and he put them on the papers.
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